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FAQ's For Thickening And Pre-Thickened Products

You can buy thickening and pre-thickened products online at Herbsdaily.

Maize scratch, Xanthium gum, and other thickeners increase the viscosity of the fluids. Thickening fluids and foods, like canned foods, cooked meals, pasta, and others, are helpful in dysphagia.

Thickened diet is the food or beverage that is thick in consistency which helps prevent choking.

Thickened liquids help prevent choking. The thickened liquids make them less likely to aspirate while they are having it.

Pre-thickened liquids are easy to swallow with no difficulty such as water, juices, milk, and other liquids. Thickened fluids and beverages help in treating conditions such as dysphagia. Dysphagia is a medical condition in which the person may experience swallowing difficulty. Thickening beverages are easier to swallow for such people because of the thickness of the liquid. Some add maize scratch to improve the thickness of the fluid and this also helps in supporting hydration and nutrient levels. We use other thickeners such as Xanthium gum in the beverages to increase the thickness of the fluid.

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