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FAQ's For Pantiliners

You can buy pantyliners online at Herbsdaily.

Pantyliners are thin and can hold a less amount of menstrual blood when compared to that of a pad. We preferably use panty liners at the beginning and at the end of the menstrual cycle to avoid stains on panties. Pads are thick and absorb the blood during your heavy flow days.

Yes, you can wear liners on your periods but they can not withstand the medium to heavy flow. Use them on your light flow days or as extra protection along with the pad.

Pantyliners are a piece of absorbent cloth that is used for female hygiene. These are used to absorb the vaginal discharge or during light menstrual flow. We can also use this as a backup for menstrual cups and tampons. Most women have a discomfort feel during their first few days of menstruation because of the heavy flow. A panty liner can give you the best backup in case of leakage. We also prefer this in people with urinary inconsistency, post-intercourse to absorb the fluids. Period liners look more like sanitary napkins but are thinner in width. These absorb fewer fluids compared to other feminine products such as pads and are ideal for light discharge. Pantyliners are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, portability options, with or without wings, and others.

Pantyliners are available in both disposable and reusable options. The reusable are made of organic cotton that can be washable and reusable. Organic panty liners are safe and do not use any harmful chemicals. These are available in various shapes, forms, absorbancies such as long pantyliners, and others. Organic panty liners are eco-friendly and safe to use when washed properly. The disposable pantyliners are easy to use and dispose of. This contains wings that have an adhesive strap for the perfect fit.

According to your period flow, you can choose the best panty liner. Be sure to wash and dry the reusable panty liners properly before reusing them or else there might be chances of infection

Herbsdaily offers a wide range of pantyliners and panty pads to help you feel comfortable during your uncomfortable days.

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