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FAQ's For Tampons

Yes, tampons are safe to use. A recent research study by the Rock Reproductive Clinic proved that the utilization of tampons "has no physiological or clinical undesired side effects".

Tampax brand tampons are best for beginners. They have a very simple design that makes for comfortable insertion. It is ideal to utilize the most minimal or lightest absorbency tampon that lasts you a couple of hours.

Tampons are inserted into the vagina during the monthly cycle to retain blood and vaginal discharge.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that tampons cause infertility.

Yes, of course, virgins can wear tampons. Be sure to buy a smaller size if you are not sexually active.

Pads, period clothing, tampons and menstrual cups — often called "female products" — absorb or collect the blood and tissue that emerges from your vagina during your period.

A tampon is a feminine product intended to retain blood and vaginal emissions by an insertion into the vagina during the monthly cycle. In contrast to a pad, it is set within the vaginal canal. Once embedded accurately, a tampon is held by the vagina and extends as it absorbs uterine blood. Notwithstanding uterine blood, the tampon absorbs the vagina's regular lubrication and microbes, which can change the typical pH, increasing the danger of contaminations from the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus). This can prompt toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is an uncommon but lethal disease that requires quick clinical attention. Tampons come in various "sizes" (absorbencies), like light, ordinary, and super. It is ideal to utilize the most minimal or lightest absorbency tampon that lasts you a couple of hours. Some tampons come with applicators, or little sticks made of cardboard or plastic that assist you with placing the tampon in your vagina.

Tampon use may stretch or break the hymen of people that have never been sexually active.
The shelflife of tampons is around five years, on the off chance that they are kept in their bundling and put away in a dry climate. In the event that they are put away in a wet spot—like your bathroom—microbes and mold can develop.

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