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Feminine Cleansing

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FAQ's For Feminine Cleansing

Products that are mild and do not disturb the pH of your intimate parts are good to use.

Feminine washes do work when the correct product is chosen.

Yes, using plain, unscented, and eco-friendly feminie wash everyday is helpful in improving your personal hygeine.

Personal hygiene is important to avoid infections and to maintain good health. Feminine hygiene is essential for women in order to avoid various infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and others. Intimate hygiene differs from regular hygiene as it is so delicate and is easily prone to infection. The vagina is acidic when compared to other body parts. The acidic nature of the vagina helps in preventing infections and keeps good bacteria such as lactobacilli. So, it is important to maintain the pH of your intimate parts to prevent the infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

Using harsh soaps and vaginal wash products for washing the intimate parts may even aggravate the problems such as dryness, odor, a recurrent infection that is caused by the altered pH. So, it is recommended to use normal warm water to clean your intimate parts other than using products made of synthetic chemicals. The vagina has its own internal lubricants to clean itself. Organic feminine wash, unscented, and eco-friendly feminine products can be helpful in vaginal cleanse without upsetting the pH. Feminine wipes and feminine cleansing cloths are also available in the market that helps in cleaning, freshening up your vagina during periods, after exercise, or whenever you need them. The white or clear discharge is completely normal. The natural lubricant in your cervix helps in keeping your vagina moist. The smell and itching because of discharge are unusual and consult your gynecologist for proper treatment.

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