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Makeup can seem super overwhelming, particularly if you're a beginner. There are so many different products, brands, and tools...where do you even start? Basic everyday looks are actually a lot simpler than you would think. First, pick which features you would like to enhance. Is it your eyes, your lips, your cheek bones? Whatever it may be, pick a few to start with, and focus on perfecting those before moving on to a full face of makeup. It is also very important to know your skin type: do you have oily skin or dry skin? Are you acne-prone, or have skin sensitivity? Based on these factors, pick the right products to add to your makeup kit. There are loads of budget-friendly makeup tools & accessories out there, so don't be afraid to explore. Perhaps the most important part of starting out is building an effective makeup tool box. Some basic makeup tools and products you'll need are:


1. BB cream

2. Concealer

3. Blush

4. Setting powder

5. Eye shadow

6. Eyeliner

7. Brow pencil/brush

8. Mascara

9. Lipstick/Lip gloss

10. Makeup sponge, brush sets & kits


Finally, make sure you have great makeup removal products as part of your arsenal of makeup kit tools. A proper two-step cleansing routine is a must for healthy, nourished skin.


Follow these tips, buy the right products, and get the right makeup brushes & tools. You'll be on your way to pro-artistry sooner than you think.