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Tints of Nature

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FAQ's For Hair Color

Silver gray hair is one of the most trending hair colours in 2021.

Human hair color usually depends on the race. It may be black, brown, grey, red, or other colors too.

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Lighter hair colors may give you a young look.

You should choose a good shade of hair colour that suits your skin tone. This gives you a good look.

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of hair dyes. One should be always cautious about what product they are using. Most of the hair color brands that are available in the market claim that they are organic and natural. But, in reality, only a very few of the hair dye brands are natural and organic. Most hair colors for natural hair contain a lot of chemicals that may harm your hair. These chemicals may also give you headaches, an itchy scalp, dehydrated scalp and hair, and many other problems. Even though hair dye colors are made of synthetic substances, it should be eco-conscious for coloring your hair. When you are trying to purchase a hair dye, keep the following in mind.


1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid chemicals such as parabens, resorcinol, PPD, gluten, phthalates, and other harmful materials in your dye. Do not go for hair dye brands that contain the above toxic substances. These substances are very harmful to your health when used in the long run.


2. Aim For Natural: Try to go natural and choose the products that contain natural ingredients to dye your hair. The natural substance does not cause or cause very less harmful effects to your hair and your health when compared to synthetic compounds. Go for a hair care product that contains a blend of natural oils, natural preservatives, and natural dyes.


Choose cruelty-free hair color brands and that should be eco-friendly too. Herbsdaily offers a wide range of hair colors for natural hair.

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