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Sea-Band, Mama Acupressure Wristband, 1 CT


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Natural Fitness, Hero Mat, 7.7 Lb

Natural Fitness

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Natural Fitness, Yogo Taveller Bag, 1 Count

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Lifeline, Foam Roller, .7 Lb


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Natural Fitness, Yoga Mat Towel, Red/Sun 1 Count

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Natural Fitness, Yoga Hand Towel Carbon Sun, 1 Count

Natural Fitness

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FAQ's For Yoga & Sports Accessories

You may need a yoga towel, wrist and knee bands, blocks, straps and other yoga accessories for a comfortable yoga practise.

Wrist bands, sports bags, and other accessories are available at Herbsdaily.

You can buy yoga equipment online at

Planning to start yoga? It might be simpler than you think. Practicing yoga regularly strengthens both body and mind. It can help stretch out your limbs and keep you supple, while also providing you with breathing techniques to reduce stress. Starting off can be a bit daunting; a hundred people will recommend a thousand different types of yoga accessories, so we’re gonna give you the absolute essentials of yoga equipment:


1. Yoga Mat: This may seem a little obvious, but even if you have no other equipment, a yoga mat is an absolute must. Flooring does not carry much grip, but using a mat can help center you during yoga poses, thus reducing your risk of injury.


2. Water Bottle: Easily forgotten but incredibly essential, a water bottle is vital for any form of exercise. Many beginners undermine the importance of water during a yoga session. Though not as hardcore as cardio perhaps, yoga can get pretty intense, so don’t forget your water bottle.


3. Yoga Clothing: Look for clothing that keeps the practice of yoga in mind during design. Yoga pants and leggings are built for twisting, turning, and stretching. So you can stay comfortable while getting into position. Look for pants that are soft, light, high-waisted, and moisture-wicking.


4. Yoga resistance Bands: Initially created for physiotherapeutic purposes, exercise bands have now become popular amongst several athletes and yogis. Yoga doesn't just work on your flexibility, it also trains your body, which is why resistance bands form an important part of your full yoga equipment set.


HerbsDaily offers a wide range of sports accessories for your daily exercise needs.