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FAQ's For Nail Treatments

You can buy nail treatment products online at Herbsdaily.

Insufficiency of B vitamins may cause split nails.

Yes, nail supplements do work when used as directed.

Vitamin A, B complex, and iron can help you with rigid nails.

Though nail care is one of the most underrated, it is suggested to maintain healthy nails for your overall well-being. Improper cleaning of nails can lead to the accumulation of microorganisms which may eventually cause infection. Even if you do get regular manicures and pedicures, it is essential to know about basic nail care products to maintain attractive and healthy nails. The following are a few important nail treatment products.


Hand Scrub: This helps in removing all the dead skin cells, making your hands softer.


Cuticle Eraser: This aids in removing the built-up layer of skin on your nail bed and prepares your nails for nail polish.


Buffer Block: The coarse side of this block can even the edges of the nails and the smooth side help in evening the color of your skin.


Nail Strengthener: This product increases the strength of your nails and makes them resistant to breaks.


Basecoat: This helps in avoiding the stain caused by the nail polish. This also protects your nails from synthetic chemicals and detergents.


Topcoat: This seals the nail art and can also block the chipping of manicure.


Cuticle Oil: This hydrates your skin and makes it healthier.


Hand Cream: This is a must-have nail care product to maintain hydration in your nails.


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