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FAQ's For Mineral

Iron, calcium, magnesium, and others are a few of the best mineral supplements.

Mineral supplements provids you with standard levels of minerals. Thses minerals can also be found in the food we eat.

Yes, taking mineral supplements under the supervision of your doctor is good for you.

It depends on the type of supplement you are taking. A few supplements should be taken in the morning while others should be taken in the evening or before the bed time.

Minerals in good proportions can help you in maintaining your overall well-being. We get most of the essential minerals from the food we eat. The minerals usually get absorbed into your blood. A few people have mineral insufficiency because of various reasons such as malnutrition, existing medical conditions, gastrointestinal dysfunction, stress, and others. Taking mineral supplements can help you in maintaining good proportions of vitamins in your body. The following are a few of the best vitamin and mineral supplements.

1. Iron: Iron is very essential for maintaining your overall well-being. Iron helps in the transportation of your blood to the tissues and organs in the body. Iron insufficiency in pregnant and lactating women may lead to medical problems such as low hemoglobin, and others. Women should take more proportions of iron and other multivitamin minerals for overall well-being.

2. Magnesium: Magnesium helps in energy production, muscle contraction in your body. Multivitamin with magnesium is very essential for marinating healthy cardiovascular and muscular system. Spinach, pumpkins, cashew, almonds, and others are rich in magnesium.

3. Calcium: Calcium is important for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and others. Calcium and vitamin d together can help you in maintaining strong bones. Calcium is rich in foods such as milk, cheese, dairy products, and others. It is one of the best multi mineral supplement.

Consult your primary care physician and talk about your medical conditions. Follow the directions given by your primary care physician for better therapeutic results.

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