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Queen Helene, Masque, MINT JULEP, 8 OZ

Queen Helene

$6.54 $8.53
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Life-Flo, Bi Estro-Care Body Cream, 4 oz


$32.99 $49.79
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Vo5, VO5 Hot Oil Therapy, 1 Oz


$5.29 $5.85
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Heritage Store, Castor Oil Organic, 32 OZ

Heritage Products

$29.49 $34.99
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Schick, Schick Injector Blades, 7 each


$6.03 $9.56
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Canus Goats Milk, Goat's Milk Soap, Fragrance Free 5 oz

Canus Goats Milk

$5.36 $6.49
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Nubian Heritage, Deodorant Patchouli & Buriti, 2.25 Oz

Nubian Heritage

$8.31 $10.84
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Nubian Heritage, Body Lotion, Patchouli & Buriti 13 fl oz

Nubian Heritage

$12.05 $15.73
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Home Health, Herbal Magic Deodorant, 3 Oz

Home Health

$5.94 $8.99

FAQ's For Bath Accessories

Bath accessories are any products used during bathing or for personal hygiene. Toothbrushes, facewash, lotion, shaving cream, soap, and other forms of hair and skin care are all considered bath accesories.

HerbsDaily provided a wide variety of bath products and accessories for all types of hair and skin.

Bath products and accessories seem to be a staple in every household. From body brushes, to lotion, to deodorant, everyone has the basics. Personal hygiene is crucial not only in maintaining professionalism and grooming, but also in preventing disease. However, one may be surprised to know that nature and herbs play an important role in the beauty industry. Here are some herbs that are frequently used in personal grooming and other bath accessories:


Turmeric: Often used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), turmeric has natural antiseptic properties, which makes it ideal for skin care.


Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is used in the pharmaceutical industry and is found in several skin and hair care products. Aloe leaves contain a sticky gel which is extracted and utilized to soothe, tone, moisturize, and protect the skin. It contains over 75 nutrients ideal for cosmetic care.


Rose: Besides being a beautiful symbol of love, the oil of rose plants has long been harnessed for fragrances and perfumes. Rose oil is also rich in vitamin C and helpful for hydration, making it suitable for dry skin lotions.


Calendula: Besides having anti-inflammatory properties, calendula has high demand in the beauty industry for its medicinal properties as well.


Lavender: Lavender oil is often used in feminine deodorants and scents for its pleasant and calming fragrance. It also has strong disinfectant properties and was even used as an antiseptic in World War II.


Jojoba: A staple of face creams, body lotions, and moisture shave creams, the compounds found in jojoba are very similar to compounds found in sebum secreted from human skin. This makes the plant effective in healing dry or cracked skin, as well as for improving skin elasticity.


Tea Tree: This oil is used in almost all acne-fighting organic products. It is one of the best natural alternatives to harsh chemicals found in medicated acne creams and facewashes.


HerbsDaily offers a wide range of bath products and bath accessories that harness the power of nature to heal and groom the body.