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Probiotic-10 100 Vcaps by Now Foods

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Berrydophilus Kids 120 Chewables by Now Foods

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Probiotic-10 100 Billion,30 Vcaps by Now Foods

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Flora Balance 60 CAP by ODonnell Formulas (formerly International Biotech)

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Ultra 10 Probiotic Max 60 caps by Yogourmet


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Ultra 10 Probiotic Max 30 caps by Yogourmet


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Gastro Flora 60 Veg Caps by Nutricology/ Allergy Research Group

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Purple Probiotic 90 caps by Eclectic Institute Inc

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Fungal Defense 84 Caplets by Garden of Life

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Inulin FOS 180 grams by Jarrow Formulas

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PB 8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus 120 Caps by Nutrition Now

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PB 8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus 60 Caps by Nutrition Now

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FAQ's For Probiotics

You can buy probiotics online at Herbsdaily.

Probiotics help in populating the healthy gut microbiota in our stomach for a healthy digestive system.

Yes, it is okay to take probiotics daily as these are natural substances.

Our digestive system needs certain microorganisms for healthy living. We know these as good bacteria, as they help in our digestion process. We have a lot of good bacteria in our digestive system. But we may lose our good bacteria because of various reasons such as eating irritating food, certain medications, unhealthy lifestyle habits, stress, and others. All these reasons may cause decreased amounts of good bacteria in our digestive system.

We have these good bacteria in our stomach and mouth. In the stomach, these bacteria help in the process of digestion. Lack of gut microbes may lead to various illnesses that are related to the digestive system. To avoid such problems, choose foods that are rich in microorganisms that are useful to our digestive system. Kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, natto, and other fermented foods are rich in micro-organisms. You can take in the form of food or beverage for better results.

Probiotic capsules, gummies, and vitamins help in populating the gut microbiota. Our stomach contains different strains of good micro-organisms. So, while taking probiotics, choose the one that contains multiple strains instead of a probiotic with a single strain of micro-organism. Probiotics for men and women also help in weight loss. Probiotics for yeast infection, vaginal health, UTI, and other diseases are easily available in the market and are safe to use.

Probiotics Supplements for women help in maintaining a healthy vagina. As good microbes line the intestine, digestive health probiotics help in protecting the intestine from leaks and other damage. Insufficient amounts of bacteria may lead to various problems such as leaky gut and others.

Herbsdaily offers a wide range of probiotic supplements and pills.