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Oral Care

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Facial Mud Hydated Clay 4 oz by Redmond RealSalt

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FAQ's For Oral Care

Oral care is the practice of keeping your mouth and gums clean and free from diseases.

Good oral care involves keeping your teeth and gums clean by regular cleansing. You can also use flosses, tapes, and other dental care products to ensure a healthy oral cavity.

Eat healthy food, avoid excess sugars, clean your mouth twice a day to fix poor oral hygiene.

You can consult an expert to treat yellow teeth for better and safe results. Home remedies such as regular cleansing, eating healthy food, ACV, drinking plenty of water may also help in getting rid of yellow teeth.

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It is very important to maintain health and hygiene oral cavity. A healthy oral cavity keeps away the harmful pathogens that may cause infections and other oral cavity problems. Unhealthy food habits such as eating excess sugars, drinking alcohol, smoking, and others may damage your oral cavity. It is important to clean your teeth and tongue twice a day to remove all the dirt and harmful pathogens. This ensures a healthy oral cavity and prevents the traveling of harmful pathogens to the digestive tract. This helps in decreasing the risk of infections. The following are a few of the best oral care and hygiene products.

Dental floss: Dental floss comes with an attached handle which makes it easier to use. This helps in maintaining healthy gums. This is one of the important products in the oral care kit.

Interdental brushes: The small gaps between your teeth are at higher risk of getting affected with cavities, as it is difficult to clean such areas. These brushes help in maintaining healthy teeth.

Mouthwash: We use mouth cleaners to clear all the dirt and pathogens from our oral cavity. Some mouth cleanser containing moisturizers may work as a mouth moisturizer which prevents dry mouth. Mouthwashes contain anti-bacterial properties that help in reducing plaque and prevent gum diseases.

Oral probiotics: These help in maintaining a healthy oral cavity by keeping a balance between the healthy and unhealthy bacteria in your oral cavity.

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