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FAQ's For Metabolism Support

Vitamin B1, B2, B12, D are a few of the best vitamins to increase metabolism.

Yes, Vitamin B12 speeds up the process of metabolism in your body.

Nutrients like folic acid, magnesium, calcium, B-complex, and D vitamins support metabolism.

A perfect healthy diet, physical exercises, and good lifestyle habits improve your metabolism.

It may take upto a minimum of 3 months to rest your metabolism.

The process of breakdown of complex materials to produce energy can be known as metabolism. It is natural to notice the decreased metabolism as you age. Along with food, there are different minerals and metabolism-boosting supplements that can help you maintain your metabolic process intact. Let us see a few of the best metabolism boosters.

1. B-complex vitamins: These are some of the vitamins to boost metabolism and help in boosting the metabolism in your body. Vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B12, folic acid help in breaking down food and nutrients instead of storing them in the body. These are available in foods such as meat, dairy products, yeast, fortified foods, seafood, potato, whole grains, and others.

2. Vitamin D: Getting vitamin D from the sun is the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D can help you in metabolism and eventually assist you in weight loss too. Vitamin D is rich in foods like egg yolk, mushroom, cod liver oil, and others.

3. Calcium : Calcium is one of the metabolism-boosting supplements. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Fortified food, milk, yogurt, green veggies, almonds, seeds, and others contain good amounts of calcium. Calcium works at its best when taken along with vitamin D.

4. Iron: Iron supplements are essential for overall growth, development, cell functioning, producing hormones, and a healthy metabolism. Iron-rich foods are fortified foods, cereals, promo granite, meat, beans, brown rice, and others.

5. Magnesium : It helps in the process of chemical reaction that produces energy. Magnesium also gives a healthy cardiovascular system. Spinach, salmon, nuts, legumes, whole grains are a few of the food sources that contain enough amounts of magnesium.

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