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FAQ's For Dandruff

One can get rid of dandruff by using anti-dandruff shampoos and home remedies like applying curd, lemon, aloe vera and other scalp-soothers.

Dry skin, and an inadequate use of shampoo can cause dandruff.

Yes, in the long-run, dandruff can cause hair loss due to severe drying of the scalp.

Due to itchiness or inconsistent care for the scalp, dandruff can be exacerbated and so by finding effective treatment options, the hair and scalp can get better.

Yes, scratching the scalp can make dandruff worse, as it only increases itchiness, so one should try to resist itching as far as possible.

A skin condition affecting the scalp with mild itchiness on the skin is dandruff. Mild dandruff can be removed with the help of a gentle shampoo wash. However, shampoo is not enough for prevention of dandruff. Many patients use additional dandruff remedies on the recommendation of skin experts or hair specialists. There are several causes of dandruff which are as follows:
1. Having dry skin
2. Inadequate shampooing
3. Sensitivity of the scalp
4. Hair products are not being used according to a person’s pre-existing skin conditions
5. The overgrowth of yeast caused by stress or hormonal imbalances
And as it is a chronic disease, it becomes necessary to get rid of dandruff to control the itchiness. For this, dandruff treatment becomes a vital need. The following tips can help curb dandruff:
1. Use anti-dandruff or anti-fungal shampoos with the following ingredients for preventing dandruff:
a. Coal tar preparation
b. Ketoconazole
c. Salicylic acid and sulphur
d. Selenium sulphide
2. Always keep the scalp clean
3. Do not share combs or hairbrushes with other people
Other than these treatments, there are home treatments helpful in preventing hair dandruff and cleaning up dandruff scalp:
1.Coconut oil is an effective tool for preventing dandruff and promoting a healthy scalp during the winter.
2.Apply aloe vera and rub it into the scalp, just before washing hair
3.Apply curd generously
4.Crush neem leaves and apply on the scalp
5.Banana with apple cider vinegar can help treat dandruff scratching, as bananas contain vitamin B and improve blood circulation

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