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FAQ's For B1 Vitamins / Thiamine

Thiamine is helpful in maintaining healthy nerves, muscles, and cardiovascular systems.

Yes, thiamine and vitamin B1 are the same.

Loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle weakness, and others are a few of the common symptoms of low vitamin B1.

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Vitamin B1 is very important in converting carbohydrates from food to energy, This energy is helpful in the growth and development of the body cells, tissues, and organs. Vitamin B1 also helps in glucose metabolism and in maintaining healthy nerve, muscles, and heart cells. It also known as vitamin B1 as thiamine and is water-soluble. Vitamin B1 helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Taking it B1 is very helpful in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Good levels of vitamin B1 in your body help in maintaining a healthy flow of electrolytes into and out of the muscle and nerve cells. Deficiency of thiamine/vitamin B 1 may lead to an increased risk of getting affected with beriberi disease. This disease affects your nerve, muscle, and digestive system.

We get good amounts of thiamin/vitamin B1 from the food we eat. Foods such as cereals, beef, nuts, pork, meat, whole grains, pulses, and other healthy foods. Fortified foods are also one of the best sources of vitamin B1. Oranges, potatoes, kale, cauliflower, eggs, asparagus, and other fruits, and vegetables are rich in vitamin B1. Heating, boiling, and processing foods that contain good amounts of vitamin B1 may destroy vitamin B1. Few people are deficient in vitamin B1 because of various issues such as poor dietary habits, socio-economic factors, digestive and other existing medical conditions, and others. In such cases, choosing vitamin B1 tablets, pills, and other supplements is one of the best choices to gain sufficient levels of vitamin B1 in your body.

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