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Sage is a type of staple herb which can be easily dried and used to add flavor to our favorite dishes. Sage has a typical pungent flavor because of camphor. It has a strong aroma and earthy flavor and it's used in small amounts in dishes.

Sage is loaded with antioxidants and has impressive health benefits. It is quite effective in reducing the chances of cancer. Some health benefits of sage are:

1. Help reduce blood sugar level
2. Memory Support and Improves Brain Function
3. Improves bone health
4. It has Anti-ageing properties
5. Ease Menopause symptoms

There are numerous varieties of sage available, some of the varieties include salvia lavandulaefolia, salvia plebeia, Salvia officinalis. The most common variety is Salvia officinalis.

Apart from culinary uses sage has medicinal properties, it can be used to prevent and treat the following:
1. High cholesterol
2. Memory problems
3. Sore throat
4. Fatigue
5. Cold sore
6. Night sweat and Hot flashes

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