Ailment Blood Clots

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FAQ's For Blood Clots


If Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) is present in one of your legs or arms, it’s normal for that limb to stay slightly swollen after treatment. If there is a clot in your lungs (pulmonary embolism), mild pain or pressure in chest can be experienced. If there is a new pain or existing pain gets worse, pressure or cramping in calf can signal a new DVT. Shortness of breath or fainting could be signs of another pulmonary embolism.

Blood thinners also known as Anticoagulants help prevent formation of blood clots. Thrombolytics can also dissolve blood clots that are already present.

Foods that are bad for cardiovascular health like unhealthy trans fat, saturated fats and fatty meats and sugar also increase the risk of blood clots.

Herbs like:

Flax seeds
Chia seeds


Causes include:

Oral contraceptives
Sitting for long periods of time
Gel-like clumps of blood are called blood clots. They are formed in response to a cut or an injury and stop bleeding by plugging the injured blood vessel. Few blood clots formation inside the veins and do not dissolve. These may require medical attention if they are present in critical locations. Blood clots when formed can travel around the body and cause harm. A number of conditions can cause blood clots easily. These include:
Antiphospholipid syndrome
Hormone Drugs and oral contraceptives
DVT (Deep vein thrombosis)
Factor V Leiden
Blood clots history in the family
Heart Problems
PAD (Peripheral artery disease)
Pulmonary embolism

Depending on the location of the clot, blood clots treatment varies. If such symptoms are experienced consult a doctor immediately. Current blood clots treatment medicine and procedures include:
Anticoagulants - Prevent formation of blood clots
Thrombolytics - Dissolves blood clots
Catheter-directed thrombolysis and Thrombectomy - Surgical method for removing blood clot

In-order to reduce the risk of future blood clots formation, certain measures can be taken:
Stand and take frequent walks. Reduce sitting for long periods.
Consume a lot of fluids.
Shed those extra pounds, excess weight can cause blood clots.
Take measures to reduce high blood pressure.
Avoid smoking.
Increase physical activity.

The most preventable type of blood formation is blood clots.Controlling the risk of blood clots can be done through several ways. If blood clot formation is genetic or caused due to behavioral factors, consult a doctor.

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