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FAQ's For Rickets

Rickets is caused by a prolonged deficiency in vitamin D.

Yes, rickets can be cured.

It may take several months to heal the condition, esoecially if there are already some bone deformities.

Vitamin D supplements, and including foods like salmon, mackerel, egg yolks, fish oil and vitamin D-enriched food items can help increase levels in the body. It is also important to get enough sunlight, as it synthesises vitamin D.

If left untreated, rickets can lead to complications like an abnormally curved spine, dental defects, bone deformities, seizures and stunted growth.

Rickets, or osteomalacia is a disease caused by a prolonged deficiency in vitamin D, resulting in soft and brittle bones in children. Vitamin D helps in the proper absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus, which are vital in maintaining healthy bones. Not including vitamin D in the diet causes deformities in children that may even require corrective surgery.

Some common causes of rickets are:
• Lack of Vitamin D via sunlight or foods like egg yolks, fish oil, fatty fish, or enriched cereals, milk and juice
• Problems with absorption due to underlying conditions like celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney problems and cystic fibrosis.
• Risk factors like dark skin, certain medications, being born to a deficient mother, prematurity, being exclusively breast-fed as a baby, and living in countries with very little sunlight.

The common signs and symptoms of rickets include:
Delayed growth
Delayed motor skills
Muscle weakness
Pain in the pelvis, legs and spine
Skeletal deformities such as a projected breastbone, thickened ankles and wrists, bowed legs and knock knees

Rickets treatment involves basic vitamin D and calcium supplements according to a doctor’s dosage. The progress of the child can be tracked through regular blood tests and x-rays. In cases of deformities in the legs and spine, braces can be worn to support the weak skeletal structure and encourage normal growth of bones. In very extreme cases, corrective surgery may be required.

HerbsDaily offers a wide selection of vitamin D and calcium supplements effective in treating rickets.