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Sanitary Napkins

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FAQ's For Sanitary Napkins

You can buy period pads online at Herbsdaily.

Reusable pads, eco-friendly pads, maxi pads, and others are a few of the best pads to use.

You should change your pads every 4-8 hours.

Period hygiene is very important for women to have a quality life. Maintaining hygiene at the time of your menstruation keeps you safe from getting infected. There are various products to support periods. The sanitary napkin por sanitary pad is one of the commonly used products. Sanitary pads are easy and safe to use. The menstrual pad is made of cotton and soaks the blood. Female pads are safe for use during menstruation. Girl's pads come with adhesives for easy sticking of the pad to the underwear. Feminine pads are cheap in price when compared to other period products. They are easily available in both offline and online stores. Sanitary napkins should be disposed of carefully after use. We do not recommend reusing a sanitary pad. Reusable period pads are also available in the market. These are eco-friendly and are reusable. These are generally made of cotton and have a button on the wings to secure the innerwear. Reusable pads are to be reused only after proper cleaning of the pad is done. They should be rinsed, soaked, washed, and dried before using them one more time. Proper steps to be followed for every use for clean and safe periods.

Along with the above-mentioned, there are various products like menstrual cups, tampons, pantiliners, period underwear, and others. It is advised to use sanitary products correctly and take the needed precautions to avoid the risk of getting infected with microorganisms during the process of menstruation.

Herbsdaily offers a wide range of sanitary pads and other period care products.

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