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Baby Care Products

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Calendula Diaper Care 2.9 Oz by Weleda


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Bringing a child into this world can be a rewarding but stressful experience. Whether you’re expecting, or just looking for the right products to add to your list, we at HerbsDaily have a comprehensive guide to the perfect list of baby care products for you. Below are some salient baby care kit items to have on hand:


1. Clothing: The essentials are onesies, jackets, shoes, socks, pajamas, and a beanie to keep your little one’s head warm. But additionally, you can purchase raincoats, a fancy outfit for a day out, and a swimsuit.

2. Diapers: This is perhaps one of the most important baby health care products you will have to purchase. Until your child is potty trained, you will need to continually have either cloth or disposable diapers on hand.

3. Soft Blanket: Whether it's a swaddling blanket, or a nice warm linen, soft sheets are a must for a baby.

4. Crib or Co-sleeper: In the first six months, your child will probably spend the highest amount of time in his or her crib, so make sure to have a comfortable space for optimum sleep.

5. Baby Food: Starting from the age of about 4 months, your baby will be ready to consume baby food, and by around 6 months, solid food for the first time. Be sure to gradually introduce the regular food by mixing it in with baby food.

6. Gentle Soap Cleansers: Though there are several baby care products brands out there, choose a brand that fits your child’s needs best. A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, so be sure to pick a cleanser that uses natural ingredients. Baby oil, baby lotion, and sunscreen are also pretty important.

7. Clean sheets: New parents will need several different types of linens for general baby maintenance, such as a burp cloth, towels, crib sheets, and a waterproof bed pad.

8. Baby Sling: If your baby is gonna be spending a lot of time outside the house, it is important that you purchase a comfortable baby sling, so you can keep your hands free.

9. Bottles and Bottle Sanitizers: Feeding bottles with rubber nipples can be filled with breast milk or formula, and must be regularly sanitized for safety. One can also purchase a breast pump, nursing bras or nipple cream for a better breastfeeding experience.


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