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FAQ's For Laxatives & Suppositories

You can buy laxative suppositories online at Herbsdaily.

You should not poop for at least 60 minutes after the administration of the suppository.

You can take the suppository and stool softener together, but the combination may not show efficient results when compared to that of taking the suppository alone.

Suppositories show faster action when compared to oral laxatives.

Suppositories are a type of dosage forms that is intended to insert into the rectum to attain the desired therapeutic results. Laxatives suppositories help in easing constipation and promote bowel movements. Glycerin suppository helps in relieving mild-to-moderate pain associated with constipation. Glycerin suppository helps in clearing off the intestinal passages and helps in the stool's passing.

Glycerin suppository is smooth and layered with a lubricant so that we can place it inside the back passage. These suppositories meltdown as time passes and release the medicament slowly into the bloodstream. The lubrication also helps in the easy passage of the stool with no strain. As glycerin is a mild irritant, it increases the frequency of the bowel muscle contract, which promotes the passage of the stool. They also increase the uptake of water by stool, which helps in adding mass and hardening the stool.

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