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FAQ's For Bladder Health Support

Vitamin C and D are a few of the essential nutrients for bladder health.

Bearberry, cranberry, folic acid, probiotics, and others are good for bladder control.

Herbs like amla, corn silk, horse tail, dandelion help in strengthening the bladder.

Though overactive bladder may not go away, one can always control it by following the directions by a professional such as doing specific exercise, nutritious diet, supplements, and others.

Many take bladder health as granted untill they start noticing the symptoms associated with bladder related ailments. Bladder health is important for a tension free life especially for adults
This is because of the reason that they usually suffer from urinary inconsistencies and other problems associated with urinary tract. Inability to hold urine, frequent urination, pain or burning sensation, cloudy or bloody urine are some signs one should not ignore. There are various supplements that support bladder health for various reasons. Let us see a few of the supplements and vitamins for bladder health.

1. Probiotics : Stomach contains various strains of bacteria that helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. These are known as good bacteria. Gut health is related to immune system functioning. Before grabbing a probiotic, check the strains added in it. Probiotics with multiple stains is more nutritious.

2. Vitamin D: Vitamins D also plays a role in bladder health along with skeletal health. Vitamin D is available for free from sun light. A daily exposure of 15 to 20 minutes under sun provides you with good levels of vitamin D in your body. Both in men and women, vitamin D is helpful to maintain a good urinary tract system. Vitamin can be easily found in foods such as egg yolk and others along with vitamin D supplements.

3. Cranberry: The antioxidantal properties in the cranberry gives promising results in maintaining a healthy bladder. Cranberry can be easily used in the form of juice, gummies, and as supplements.

4. Bareberry: Bareberry is good for urinary and bladder health. One of its variety, amla that contains phytonutrients help in maintain a healthy kidney and bladder.

Before using the above mentioned supplements, it is essential to consult a primary care physician for better results.

HerbsDaily offers a wide range of supplements and vitamins for bladder health.

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