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FAQ's For Benefits Blood Sugar Support

HerbsDaily offers a wide selection of blood sugar support supplements effective in controlling high blood sugar.

Look for supplements containing cinnamon, american ginseng, probiotics, vitamin D, aloe vera, berberine, alpha-lipoic acid, gymnema, magnesium, or chromium. .

One of the primary concerns of a diabetes patient is Hyperglycemia. It occurs when blood sugar levels in the body are higher than normal. Frequently high blood sugar can cause nerve damage, arterial damage and organ failure. There are two main types of high blood sugar

Fasting Hyperglycemia: This is observed when a patient’s blood sugar levels are higher than 130mg/dL, after 8 hours without any food or beverages.
Post-prandial hyperglycemia: It is observed when a patient’s blood sugar levels are over 180mg/dL two hours after eating.

The following:are some of the causes of high blood sugar:
Inactivity or exercising less than usual
Skipping insulation or high blood sugar medication
Overeating carbohydrates for the amount of insulin taken, or eating too many carbs in general
Strenuous physical activity, particularly when blood sugar levels are high and insulin levels are low

High blood sugar symptoms start off with small signs:
Increased thirst
Low concentration
Blurry vision
Frequent urination
Weight loss
A blood sugar level higher than 180mg/dL

If left untreated, high sugar symptoms can get much worse, causing conditions like:
Slow-healing sores and cuts
Vaginal and skin infections
Worse vision
Painful, cold, and sensation-less feet and loss of hair on the lower extremities due to nerve damage
Erectile dysfunction
Damage to the eyes, blood vessels, or kidneys
Stomach and intestinal problems like chronic constipation or diarrhoea

Treatment for high blood sugar in diabetics begins with taking the prescribed medication regularly and on time. Doctors will request several readings till blood sugar levels come down to normal.
Some other common methods used in high blood sugar treatment include:
Drinking more water to expel excess sugar through the urine
Regularly exercising to lower blood sugar
Changing eating habits to cut down excess sugar
Switching medication

Herbsdaily offers a wide selection of supplements to regulate blood sugar.

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