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Bevarages come in many forms, flavors, and uses, but we all reach out for a nice cold drink to quench thirst, enhance nutrition, to get alittle tipsy, or simply as a refreshment.


Non-alcoholic beverages are filled with a gas called carbon dioxide. Beverages with carbon dioxide aid in the food's digestion. Non-alcoholic beverages comprise of carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable juice drinks, tea, coffee, and others. Fruit and vegetable juices contain the juice and pulp of that fruit or vegetable, sour agents, sugars, and water to make them palatable for drinking directly.


Energy drinks and protein drinks are the one that contains good amounts of protein in it. They can be made up of fruits, seeds, nuts, whey, and other ingredients. Soy milk and almond milk are a few popular vegan protein drinks for you to try.


Tea drinks are prepared by extracting, refining, and clarifying tea leaves after soaking in water that may contain sugar. A coffee beverage is an caffeinated liquid that is made of coffee extract or coffee powder. An alcoholic beverage may contain more than 0.5% ethanol.


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