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FAQ's For Obesity

Obesity can be caused due to lack of physical activity and consuming too many calories.

Activities like jogging, climbing stairs, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga and weight training can reduce obesity.

Change in diet, increased physical activity and certain lifestyle changes are common treatments for obesity.

Food like:
Whole Grains
Fruits and vegetables
Plan Oils
Non diary sources of protein

Tell-tale warning signs of obesity include breathlessness, snoring, increased sweating, increased tiredness, back and joint pain, inability to perform basic physical activity, and a lowered self-eseem.

Obesity is a disease that involves excess amounts of body fat. Obesity is not just an appearance concern. It is a serious medical issue that increases the risk of other diseases and health concerns.One of the most serious conditions in today’s world is childhood obesity. Overweight children can develop serious health conditions in the future like high blood pressure and chronic diabetes.

Obesity can cause numerous potentially serious health concerns, like:
People with Obesity are more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, which can cause heart disease and strokes.
Being overweight can impair the usage of insulin in the body and control blood sugar levels. This can cause the risk of diabetes.
Obesity can increase the risk of certain cancer.
People with obesity can experience Digestive problems.
People with obesity have a high risk of sexual and gynecological disorders.
Sleep apnea are more likely to occur in people with obesity.
Obesity can increase inflammation in the joints and cause Osteoarthritis.

There are certain common cause that can cause obesity, which are:
Genetic causes that affect fat storage in the body.
Age can cause slow metabolic rate and reduce muscle mass which can cause an increase in weight.
Irregular sleep patterns can affect the hormones and cause an increase in appetite and lead to being overweight.
Weight can be gained during pregnancy that can be difficult to lose and direct to obesity.

Change in diet, increased physical activity and certain lifestyle changes can help lose those extra pounds and promote a healthy life. Doctors may prescribe obesity medicine and exercises to lose weight as additional options for treating obesity.

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