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Feminine Care Products

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18% Off
Life-Flo, Bi Estro-Care Body Cream, 4 oz


$32.99 $40.49
15% Off
Natracare, Dry & Light Pads, 20 Pads


$6.86 $8.09
34% Off
Emerita, Pro-Gest Cream With Lavender, 4 OZ


$43.99 $67.20
22% Off
Organyc, Beauty Cotton Balls, 100 CT


$4.74 $6.09
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Dr. Christophers Formulas, Female Reproductive Extract, 2 oz

Dr. Christophers Formulas

$14.92 $30.50
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Natracare, Regular Pads, 14 CT EA


$7.80 $8.79
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Pure Touch Skin Care, Feminine Wipes Flushable, 24 CT

Pure Touch Skin Care

$3.95 $4.59
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Natracare, Pads Super Ultra Plus, 12 CT


$6.25 $8.09
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Oraquick, OraQuick, 1 Each


$49.69 $58.05
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Vagisil, Vagisil pH Balance Wash, 12 oz


$5.94 $6.25
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Dr. Christophers Formulas, V.B. Powder, 4 OZ

Dr. Christophers Formulas

$27.00 $57.50
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The Honey Pot, Normal Wipes, 30 Count

The Honey Pot

$12.31 $14.69
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Weleda, Stretch Mark Massage Oil, 3.4 OZ


$20.97 $21.49
16% Off
The Honey Pot, Sensitive Wipes, 30 Count

The Honey Pot

$12.31 $14.69
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Kolorex, Kolorex Intimate Wash, 8.5 Oz

NATURE'S SOURCES (AbsorbAid & Kolorex)

$18.00 $22.49

FAQ's For Feminine Care Products

Feminine products that contain minimal amounts of chemicals, environmentally friendly, made under good manufacturing practices are safe to use.

You can buy feminine products online at Herbsdaily.com

Vagisil pH Balance Wash is a good feminine wash.

Depending on your menstrual flow you can choose, short, medium or large sanitary pads to absorb your menstrual flow.

Feminine hygiene is very essential for overall being. Various products come under feminine products including cleaning products, medications, toiletries such as feminine wipes and others. Feminine pads, tampons, menstrual cups also come under feminine products. Feminine hygiene products are helpful in avoiding infections and other serious illnesses. Feminine products include products that are associated with menstruation, contraception, genital cleanliness. Awareness of feminine care products can save a number of lives of women who are suffering from various illnesses because of poor hygiene. Before the invention of feminine menstrual products, people used pieces of clothes to absorb the menstrual flow. They used to wash and reuse the same clothes for days. This has led to infection and other illnesses which may affect their sexual life and fertility. With the invention of feminine care products such as tampons, menstrual cups, sanitary napkins, and others, the female can now easily use them for healthy menstruation.


We should change regularly tampons. Using a tampon for more than the recommended time may cause serious health problems, including toxic shock syndrome and others. Women usually suffer from headaches, back pain, abdominal cramps, and other body aches during the time of menstruation. To get relief from such problems, you can go for home remedies such as hot bags to relieve cramps, herbal teas from headaches, Epsom salt soak to get rid of leg pains, and others. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly for maintaining your overall being.


Herbsdaily offers a wide range of feminine hygiene products.