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Shingle is a viral infection characterized by painful acute inflammation of the nerve ganglia with a skin eruption. Shingles can happen in any part of the body and are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, this virus is also responsible for causing chickenpox. Shingles are not life-threatening but become painful.

Some of the symptoms of shingles are:
1. Itching
2. Sensitivity to touch
3. Red rashes that start after pain
4. Fluid-filled blisters
5. Paining, burning, and numbness
6. Fever and Headache
7. Fatigue
8. Sensitivity to light

It's very important to consult a doctor when rashes occur near the eyes, pain becomes excessive or if you have a weak immune system and it is contagious and easily passes to a person who is not immune to chickenpox, however, the other person develops chickenpox and not shingles.

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