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Benefits Sleep Support in Children

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Proper sleep energizes the body and makes us fresh. The sleep duration varies with the age. For infants under 1 year age, the duration is 12 - 16 hours, for children within the age group 1 - 2 years it's 11 - 14 hours, children aged between 3 - 5 the duration is 10 - 13hours and for children between 6 - 12 years it's 9 - 12 hours

Some of the benefits of proper sleep are:
1. Sleep promote growth: Growth hormones are secreted during deep sleep
2. Sleep helps in Improving heart health: Sleep protects from vascular damage due to circulating stress hormone and arterial wall damaging cholesterol. Children with sleep disorders have excessive brain arousal which has an impact on the fight or flight response and increases it. Blood glucose and cortisol levels remain elevated and this can lead to diabetes, obesity, and other heart diseases.
3. Sleep has an effect on weight: Researchers claim that less sleep can lead to weight gain
4. Sleep helps to beat germs: During deep sleep, children produces cytokines which is a protein and help the body to fight infection, stress, and illness
5. Sleep reduces chances of injury: Evidence claim that children become more clumsy and impulsive if they don't get proper sleep and this can increase the chance of getting hurt or injured.
6. Sleep increases concentration and helps in learning: It increases concentration power and also it has been seen babies learn whole they sleep (like if any sound is being played then easily learn and identify it when played again).

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