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Physical Therapy And Pain Management Products

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FAQ's For Physical Therapy And Pain Management 

Physical therapy helps in managing your chronic or acute pain. When done under the supervision of an expert, physical therapy can help in relieving your pain.

You may take medications such as NSAIDs to maximize your participation before 30 minutes to your physical therapy.

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Pain management can become one of the difficult tasks, especially in the case of chronic conditions. Physical therapy is one of the best ways to reduce your pain. There are various products used in physical therapy and pain management such as oil, ointment, and other products. Physical therapy pain management also involves reducing the risk of getting affected by injuries along with relieving the pain. Physical therapy is usually assisted with the help of an expert called a physical therapist. We mainly have two types of pain therapy, active and passive. Active pain therapy is movement-based and may involve stretching, strengthening exercises, pain relief exercise, low-impact aerobic conditioning, and others. Practice these activities with utmost care and be gentle to your body at the beginning. Passive therapy involves activities such as cupping, manual therapies, hot/cold compression, dry needling, ultrasound, electrical stimulations, body ache pills and others. In general, these activities do not hurt you and are completely safe when performed under the supervision of your therapist.

People have various diet patterns, body conditions, existing health ailments, so one patient may not respond as the other patients in the same physical therapy and pain management. So, it is important to study the patient's health condition, social history, previous history, and other necessary information before the initiation of pt management. Trained staff or physical therapist continuously monitors your progress. They help in correcting your unhealthy lifestyle habits, movement patterns, and others.

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