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Incontinence products avoid leakage by absorbing and locking the urine and feces. They have a hydrophobic layer that drives away the urine from the surface. These products can be used as diapers and in the form of sheets which can be used as bedding material. Single-use disposable incontinence products and reusable incontinence products are available.

The products that come under urinary incontinence are as follows:
Pads and pants
Bed and chair protection
Catheters and penile sheaths

The absorbent pads worn inside underwear that help to soak urine are the most common incontinence products.

Though there is a lot of option available but it's important to choose the right type for yourself. Some of the available types are mentioned below:
1. Pads and Liners: They provide the right fit for your body and they are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. These are disposable and offer better front-to-back protection.
2. Disposable Undergarments: They have built-in protection throughout the entire garment. These are available in different shapes and sizes.
3. Guards: These are types of pads designed especially for men. It has a drip collector and can be easily worn inside underwear They are held in place by adhesive tabs pressed against the fabric.
4. Condom Catheters: They fit around the penis. They have a collection bag that is strapped around the body
5. Penile Compression Clamp: They are male urinary incontinence devices that work by compressing the urethra and preventing urine leakage with minimal restriction to blood flow
6. Vaginal Sponges: Sometimes exercise, laughing and sneezing can cause urine to leak. These devices help keep urine from escaping by putting pressure on bladder tissue.
7. Pessary: This is a prosthetic device which when inserted inside the vagina increases pressure in the urethra muscles and supports the pelvic region. They are available in different variety of sizes and shapes.
8. Vaginal Guard: They are inserted inside the vagina using an applicator and help prevent leaks by supporting pelvic structures and muscles

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