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FAQ's For Biotin

You can buy biotin vitamins online at Herbsdaily.

Biotin is good for improving your energy levels, maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin

Yes, lack of bitiin levels in your body may cause hair loss. Supplementing with biotin tablets may help strengthen your hair.

It may take a few weeks to months for biotin supplements to work

Biotin helps turn the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the food we eat into the energy needed by our body. It also helps in hair and nail growth, and improve skin health. Brittle nail syndrome, uncombable hair, alopecia, scaly erythematous dermatitis are some biotin deficiency disease. In children biotin deficiency can cause vision problem and development delay.

Some signs that denote biotin deficiency are:
1. Hair thining
2. Scaly red rash in eyes, nose and mouth
3. Conjuntivitis
4. Poor body movements or coordination
5. Mild depression and hallucinations
6. Loss of appetite and nausea

Biotin supplements can help to get rid of all such problems. High amount of biotin supplementation can cause kidney and digestive problems, skin rashes. So it's important to select the right dose of biotin supplementation.

Egg, milk, fish, banana, sweet potato, nuts are some biotin rich food. Herbsdaily offers a wide range of biotin tablets and capsules at best prices.