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Low Blood Sugar

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FAQ's For Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar occurs when the blood sugar levels in the body dip below 70mg/dL

One can experience, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, hunger, shakiness, pale skin, irregular or rapid heart beat and crankiness. In much worse cases the patient can experience confusion, blurred vision or even pass out or have seizure.

In diabetics, low blood sugar is caused by taking a certain insulin medication called sulfonylureas, or by not eating regular timely meals. mixing alcohol with medication can also trigger hypoglycemia. In non-diabetics, reactive hypoglycemia is caused by having stomach surgey, rare enzyme defects or having prediabetes. Fasting hypoglycemia can be triggered by certain drugs like aspirin, disease of the kidneys, liver, heart or pancreas, and by excessive alcohol consumption.

Immediately eat a hard candy, glucose or juice and test your blood sugar level every 15 minutes until it comes back to normal (above 70g/dL).

A quick fix for low blood sugar levels inculde a small apple, orange or banana, a handful of grapes, half a cup of granola, raisins, or half a bagel. Limit caffeine and try avoiding alcohol altogether.

Hypoglycemia is a condition wherein a person experiences low blood sugar levels in the body. It commonly occurs in diabetics, however there are two types of hypogycemia that can occur in non-diabetics:

Reactive hypogycemia: This occurs a couple of hours after having a meal.
Fasting hypogyclemia: This can occur due to certain diseases or medications.

The body is said to have low blood sugar when blood sugar levels are tested to be 70mg/dL or less. Common low blood sugar symptoms include:
Pale skin
Irregular or rapid heartbeat
In much worse cases, low blood sugar causes:
Blurred vision
Losing consciousness or even seizures

A certain insulin treatment called sulfonylureas in diabetic patients can trigger hypoglycemia. The older form of this medication can cause low blood sugar more often than the newer form. A diabetic can also experience low blood sugar if he or she consumes alcohol or takes allopurinol, probenecid or warfarin along with regular diabetes medication.

A patient’s diet plays a major role in determining the root cause of the problem. When they consume less carbohydrates in proportion to the amount of insulin they have been taking, it can result in hypoglycemia. Skipping meals, drinking alcohol without eating, or having meals too late can contribute to low blood sugar. meals which contain a lot of simple sugars are often considered to be low blood sugar foods and should be avoided.

Low blood sugar treatment is short-term and fairly simple. Eat a hard candy, glucose or juice to bring blood sugar levels back to normal, and test again in 15 minutes. Regularly monitor blood sugar to make sure it does not dip below 70mg/dL. Eat or drink 15 to 20g/dL of carbohydrates in order to improve low blood sugar levels.
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