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FAQ's For Sleep Aids

You can buy sleep aid products online at Herbsdaily.

Sleep aid products that contain natural ingredients, clinically approved, non-habit forming is good for use.

Yes, you can take melatonin every night for a good sleep in the short term under the supervision of your doctor.

Sleep is one of the most important parts of your overall well-being. Sleep is essential for improving brain function, hormonal regulation, and many other important activities in the body. Lack of sleep as a chronic condition may give rise to serious health problems including insomnia, anxiety, and many others. Depression, chronic illnesses, and medications may be some of the reasons for lack of sleep. One should not neglect or ignore sleeplessness and must take the doctor’s advice to improve sleep habits. You may be prescribed lifestyle changes such as exercise, meditation, or healthy food. Otherwise, your physician may suggest prescribed or OTC sleep aids. Below are a few of the common ingredients used in sleep aids:


Doxylamine Succinate: Doxylamine is used both as a sleeping aid and for upper respiratory tract illnesses such as allergy, hay fever, flu, and others. This is an antihistamine and makes you fall asleep in no time. It is helpful in treating insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. An over the counter sleep aid containing doxylamine succinate is safe for short-term use.


Diphenhydramine HCL: This is an antihistamine and helps in increasing the quality and duration of sleep. It is recommended to use nighttime common sleeping pills containing diphenhydramine hydrochloride only for a short duration of time.


Melatonin: We naturally have melatonin in our body that aids in regulating the normal sleep-wake cycle. This is the over the counter sleep aid for treating insomnia, jet lag, or shift changes in a short time.


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