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FAQ's For Anti-Bacterial Support

Anti-bacterials such as turmeric, honey, essential oils, and other natural substances, or man-made synthetic chemicals to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Antibacterial agents inhibit the growth of bacterial organisms.

The drugs that inhibit the growth of bacteria are called as antibacterial drugs.

Antibiotics help in inhibiting th egrowth of pathogens. Antibacterials targets only bacteria.

Using antibacterial products has reduced the risk of bacterial infections. Anti-bacterial products kill or inhibit the growth of the bacteria. Anti-bacterial are being used for ages to decrease bacterial infections in humans. Anti-bacterial can be of natural origin or synthetic origin. Turmeric, essential oils, herbs, and others fall under natural origin. Man-made chemicals are used in anti-bacterial of synthetic origin to kill the bacteria. Let us see a few of the natural anti-bacterial herbal supplements.

1. Honey: we have been using Honey as an antibiotic for ages. The Egyptians used it as an antibiotic and skin protectant. The properties of antibacterial are because of its hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the best antibacterial supplements and can fasten the healing process.

2. Garlic: Garlic has amazing medicinal properties. It is safe to use garlic in recommended doses. We can use garlic as an anti-bacterial to prevent bacterial infections. Talk to an expert before using garlic for better therapeutically outcomes and to avoid problems such as internal bleeding and others.

3. Oregano essential oil: Carvacrol is the compound that handles the therapeutic results. It gives the results when inhaled through your nose. It activates the healing process, helps in relieving the gastric ulcer, and reduces inflammation. It is useful in treating fungal infections, clearing the sinus.

Be sure to use antibiotics only when needed. Misuse of antibiotics can make the particular organism resistant. Be sure to consult your primary care physician before trying on new antibacterial supplements.

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