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Benefits Increases Fertility In Men

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Fertility can be defined as the reproductive capability to give birth or produce offspring after the onset of sexual maturity. Healthy sperm production is very essential in men for reproduction.

In men, the following factors affect fertility:
1. Smoking & Alcohol
2. Illicit drugs
3. Exposed to toxin
4. Overheating the testicles
5. Experiencing trauma to the testicles
6. Being overweight and obesity

The following symptoms should not be ignored and it's important to consult a doctor if you face any of them:
1. Erection or Ejacuation problrm
2. Low sex drive and other problems related to sexual function
3. Pain, swelling, discomfort in the testicle area.
4. Varicocele means swelling of the veins that drain the testicle
5. Problems during sexual intercourse

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