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FAQ's For Liver Support

HerbsDaily offers a wide range of liver detox supplements.

Milk thistle, zinc, licorice root, green tea, turmeric, and ginseng are all great for liver health.

Vitamins A, B12, D, and E are good for liver repair.

Liver is the largest organ of our body and helps to regulate the chemical levels in blood and excreates bile. Hepatic encephalopathy is a disease which causes a decline in brain function as a result of severe liver damage. It may be acute or chronic. There are three main conditions which can cause acute liver encephalopathy: acute fulminant viral hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, or Reye’s syndrome.

Moderate hepatic encephalopathy symptoms include:
Thinking difficulties
Changes in personality
Poor concentration abilities
Loss of small hand movements like handwriting
Confusion and forgetfulness
Poor judgment abilities
Musty or sweet odor from the breath

Severe hepatic encephalopathy can cause much more obvious symptoms like:
Drowsiness, fatigue, or lethargy
Anxiety and confusion
Severe personality changes
Confused speech
Shaky hands
Slowed movements

The exact medical cause of hepatic encephalopathy remains unknown, however, it is triggered by toxin build-up in the blood. Other possible causes of hepatic encephalopathy include:
Infections like pneumonia
Kidney issues
Recent surgery or trauma
Immunity suppressants
Excessive consumption of protein
Electrolyte imbalance
Central nervous system suppressants

Irreversible complications of hepatic encephalopathy include organ failure, brain swelling and brain herniation.

Several tests can be used to establish a hepatic encephalopathy diagnosis such as:
Blood tests
CT scan
Liver function tests

After diagnosis, hepatic encephalopathy treatment will depend on the severity and underlying cause. Dieticians may suggest a diet low in protein. Foods like red meat, eggs, poultry, and fish should be avoided.

Medication for hepatic encephalopathy like antibiotics or lactulose (Enulose) can help slow down the rate of absorption of toxins into the bloodstream. Ventilators or oxygen masks may also be required in later hepatic encephalopathy stages. To prevent serious complications of the liver, there are many liver detox supplements that can ease symptoms. Milk thistle is one of the best liver support herbs.

Herbsdaily offers a wide range of liver health supplements and vitamins.