Live Your Best Life: The Best Practices to Age Gracefully

Live Your Best Life: The Best Practices to Age Gracefully

Live Your Best Life: The Best Practices to Age Gracefully

As we all know, choosing unhealthy lifestyle habits causes a lot of problems while aging. Healthy lifestyle habits are all you need for healthy aging. Though it may not be possible to live the healthiest life all the time, you can definitely decrease the risk of disease with the help of simple lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle habits decide the wellness of a person. So, if you want to stay healthy, work for it! Here are a few of the best lifestyle habits for healthy aging.

1. Eat Good

Diet and food aren’t just a part of your lifestyle, they ARE your lifestyle. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your meals, and avoid saturated and trans-saturated fatty acids. As metabolism slows down during aging, so does the ability to break down sugar, so be sure to limit the amount of sweets you eat.  Drink low fat milk. Try to minimise the use of packed, tinned, frozen, and other processed foods.

Instead, select high-fiber foods such as whole wheat breads and cereals, beans, unsalted nuts and seeds, and bright-colored vegetables and fruits. Go for boiled, broiled, and grilled foods rather than fried. Have food or drinks that are fortified with vitamin D, calcium, and other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Water is a vital and criminally underrated nutrient. Unless you have bladder-related problems, drink as much water as you can. People with renal impairments, cardiovascular problems, and other ailments should consult their primary care physician and plan accordingly.

2. Exercise Regularly

Physical movement is essential for people of all ages. Although it is better to start young, if you’re someone who’s never participated in sports or exercise, now is still never too late. 

Exercise improves the flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance of an individual. Exercising just 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week gives you relief from chronic pain, boosts the immune system, and helps maintain a healthy BMI. Exercise or physical movement also decreases the risk of strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. But besides the obvious physical benefits, staying active has proven to raise self-esteem, energy levels, and quality of sleep.

3. Connect with People

Community is everything, but especially so in old age. Being connected with people works as an energy booster and improves your quality of life. 

Even having a small chat can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health issues. Participate in exercise routines with people from varied backgrounds and age groups. This helps in creating the connections with people around you, and helps provide much-needed motivation to exercise regularly. 

Take part in volunteer programmes and other group activities that keep you energetic. You can also go for your favorite sports or other activities. Though growing old can at times seem like a lonely process, you are not alone and there is always someone who will understand what you’re experiencing. 

4. Regular Checkups

People having any type of health ailment should consult their primary care physician frequently. Follow-up sessions are very important for proper and complete treatment of your health issues. Follow the directions given by your doctor precisely. Take your medications regularly and do not skip prescribed medicines, as it can give irregular results. If you do accidentally skip, do not double up and take 2 medications at a time without consulting your doctor first. Staying regular with your doctor and your meds goes a long way in preventing and treating illness efficiently. 

5. Get Enough Rest

A proper night of sleep is very essential for a quality life, as it provides an outlet for stress to leave your body and mind. Avoid substances such as alcohol, smoking, and others to try and fall asleep. If you are experiencing trouble with sleep, try melatonin or any other sleeping supplements under the guidance of your doctor. 

All the above mentioned habits are important to maintain a healthy life in your old age. Your 50s and beyond are a time of bliss, but also a time of caution. Consult your primary care physician before you try a new thing. If you are a person suffering from cardiovascular and other health ailments, we strongly suggest that you do regular follow-ups with your doctor, and take extra care of yourself so you live your absolute best life. 

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