Move with Confidence: The Best Mobility Aids for Elderly Support

Move with Confidence: The Best Mobility Aids for Elderly Support

Move with Confidence: The Best Mobility Aids for Elderly Support

Among the many problems aging causes, a lack of balance is probably one of the most significant. One bad fall could have severe consequences, especially in old age. You may find it difficult to remain mobile for longer periods of time. This can lower your self-confidence and cause you a lot of stress. 

For a wonderful support while doing your daily activities, mobility aids are often suggested by primary care physicians. There are various mobility aids and each one has its own importance and use. Let us have a quick view of types of mobility aids for the elderly:

1. Walking Stick

A walking stick is by far the most popular walking aid. It is mainly suggested for people who find it difficult to walk without others' support. Walking canes and sticks are available today in various customizable options and designs.

Walking sticks come in different sizes and lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber for easy holding and support while walking. Even portable models like tripod stands and foldable walking sticks can be purchased for easy carrying.

2. Bathroom Aids

Bathrooms can be a daunting place for elderly. This is because bathrooms are small and do not allow you to walk comfortably. The wet floors and virtually frictionless mats may leave you with bruises and fractures you didn’t ask for. To avoid these problems, you can choose mats with good grip, grab rails, walk-in showers, shower seats, and other aids that can help you take a comfortable shower.

3. Walking Frames

Walking frames are a popular choice for those looking for a little more stability than a cane. Even though three-legged walking frames are available, walking frames usually have four legs along with four ferrules. Using walking frames correctly is very important, which is why they are available in a range of sizes and variations. 

Here is a pro tip: Choose walking frames with a wider base for better support. 

4. Wheel Chair

Wheelchairs are the best aids for people who find it difficult to walk, or use other mobility aids because of lack of support and other reasons. Both manual and electric wheelchairs are available for easy use by the elder people.

More strength is required to use manual wheelchairs. Self propelled chairs are also available, which comes with larger back wheels and helps to propel the chair. Attendant propelled wheelchairs have smaller back wheels when compared to self-propelled wheelchairs. These are easier to move, easy to carry, and are lightweight.

All the above mobility aids help in effortless movement and support you while moving here and there in your old age. Talk to your primary care physician and choose a mobility aid according to your body type, posture, skin, and health conditions. Use mobility aids correctly under the supervision of a professional. 

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