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Supplements that contain various minerals and vitamins alongside other ingredients are called Multivitamins. The nutrient composition of multivitamins varies by brand and product. They come in various forms like capsules, softgels, chewable gummies, liquids and powder. One might need a multivitamin if:

  • Risk of nutritional deficiencies and cannot adapt it to the diet
  • Multivitamin provides the required dosage to eliminate the deficiency risk
  • A multivitamin is a better option than individually procuring micronutrients

Other reasons might include:

  • Pregnancy: Taking multivitamins may reduce the risk for a number of birth defects
  • Older People: Older people are more likely to be deficient in certain micronutrients like Vitamin B12, Calcium and Vitamin D

The best way to get the minerals and other nutrients essential for the body isn’t by shopping for them. It’s from food. A good, balanced diet filled with 

  • Low dairy
  • Plenty of fluids
  • Healthier oils

Ideally, one can get all the necessary nutrients from vegetables, fruits and other unprocessed foods. But as you age and enter your 50s, hormonal changes can make it difficult to gain these required vitamins and minerals. Adding supplements to the diet with the key nutrients should help you stay fit and healthy. 

There are numerous benefits offered by multivitamins and below we will see the difference between a few of them and understand which one is right for you.

Name Centrum Men Under 50 Multivitamin/Multimineral Tablets 120 Tabs by Centrum Centrum Womens Tablets 120 Tabs by Advil Centrum Specialist silver 125 Tabs by Centrum Centrum silver women 50+ 100 tabs by ADVIL
Price  $ 13.48 $ 14.99 $ 14.89 $ 14.99
Brand Centrum Advil Centrum Advil
  • Metabolism: Vitamin-B that aids in metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates
  • Immunity: Vitamin C, E and Zinc that are antioxidants essential to support normal immune function
  • Energy: Vitamin-B and Iron that are essential for energy support
  • Muscle Function: Vitamin D and B6 that help support muscle function
  • HEART: Vitamin-B that helps promote heart health
  • BONES: A combination of Calcium and Vitamin D that helps maintain strong bones
  • BRAIN: Vitamin-B and Zinc  that are essential to support normal brain function
  • APPEARANCE: Vitamins A,C and E and Biotin that help maintain healthy appearance
  • BRAIN: Vitamin-B and Zinc to help support normal brain function
  • HEART: Vitamin-B that is essential to help promote heart health
  • EYES: Vitamins A,C and E and Lutein that are essential for healthy eyes
  • IMMUNITY: Contains  numerous micronutrients that help maintain the immune system and overall health of adults over 50+ of age
  • HEART: Vitamin-B to help promote heart health
  • BRAIN: Zinc and Vitamin-B that is essential for the support of normal brain function
  • BONES: A combination of Calcium and Vitamin-D to maintain strong bones
  • EYES: Vitamins A,C and E and Lutein to help support eye health
Item Type Tablets Tablets Tablets Tablets
For Men Women Adults 50+ Women