Yummi Bears (Hero Nutritional Products)

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FAQ's For Yummi Bears (Hero Nutritional Products)


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Yummi Bear gummies are incorporated with muti-vitamins. So, eating these gummies are good for kid's health.

Yummi bear gummies are good for adults health as these are incorporated with multi-vitamins.

These gummy vitamins for kids and adults are fortified with 11 essential vitamins including A, B, C, and D, along with Zinc, Magnesium, and Iodine to support the immune system and growth.

In 1997, Hero Nutritionals became the first company to introduce a vitamin-rich, all-natural gummy bear for kids called Yummi Bears. Even after 23 years, they keep on developing the regular and natural children's gummy vitamins, making items to fit each dietary and way of life need while as yet keeping up their yummi taste! It's nothing unexpected – they have been making Yummi Bears for more than 23 years and with regards to extraordinary tasting gummy vitamins. Indeed, they were the first to perfect placing vitamins in chewy candies and making them so Yummy. The entirety of their items are made with ONLY organic and natural ingredients and their"No chance" list is truly long! This implies you'll never need to stress over things like GMO, gluten, allergens, dairy, artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or additives appearing in their items. We believe it's imperative to give alternatives for those with special dietary requirements or lifestyle choices.

That is the reason they are one of the solitary organizations to offer a full scope of Organic, Sugar-Free, and vegan multi-vitamin for kids.

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