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FAQ's For Severe Allergies


Sneeze, pale skin, swelling, itchiness, nausea, stomach ache, skin rash are some of the symptoms of severe allergies.

Few herbal medications like Quercetin found in fruits and vegetable is a mast cell stabilizer that block histamine, Tinospora corifolia which is a herbal tablet can prevent certain severe allergies symptoms. Likewise, there are various herbal remedies through which allergies can be cured.

Allergies tend to change over time also, disappears in some cases while some allergies do not have any precautions to get cured.

There natural remedies like changes in diet, consuming vitamins A, B and E or either through various medications for asthma, for nasal allergies are available and with that allergies can be prevented.

Medications like Nasal corticosteroids, Antihistamines, oral cromolyn and epinephrine are a few of the preferable for severe allergies.

Severe allergies cause different reactions affecting people in different ways. One person might have only a mild reaction, while someone else might experience more serious symptoms. The substances that cause allergies are called allergens. Examples of allergens include:
Insect stings
Pet dander like dog and cat hair
Certain medicines
Foods like peanuts, fish, eggs, milk, soy, and wheat

Symptoms of severe allergies:
Skin rash
Itchiness in the eyes
Allergic asthma knows as anaphylaxis
Stomach ache
Chronic joint or muscle pain
Sun sensitivity
Pale skin

Some treatment options for severe allergy relief include the following:

Take a shower so that allergens on the skin or hair can fade away.
If one is allergic to grass, plants, or trees, skin exposure can lead to itching. In order to protect the skin, cover the arms and legs.
There are several chemicals present in shampoos, perfumes, and body washes that cause extreme allergies like skin rash, so immediately cease usage of the product.
Allergens increase mucus production that causes sore throat and coughing. One can get relief by drinking hot liquids like tea, soups, and broth.
Use air filters like fans or space heaters, as they circulate air and improve air quality.

Severe allergies treatment:

To treat skin allergies, corticosteroids creams, moisturizing creams, and tablets can be used to reduce inflammation and itching.
Cold compress (an Ice pack wrapped in a cloth) applied to the allergenic area can reduce inflammation.
Dietary changes must be made, especially for food allergies.
Bioflavonoids are plant-based chemicals found in citrus fruits that act as a supplement for preventing allergies.
Consume more flaxseed oil, as well as vitamins A, C, and E.

Medications for severe allergies:

Nasal corticosteroids are an effective medicine for nasal allergies. It is available as a nose spray which reduces swelling.
Antihistamines are available in the form of pills, liquids, nose sprays, and tablets. They are commonly used in treating hay fever.
Mast cell stabilizers are eye drops and nose sprays that prevent the body from releasing histamine.
Oral cromolyn can be taken for treating food allergies.
Bronchodilators and inhaled corticosteroids are commonly prescribed asthma medications.
Bite and sting medications are available to reduce allergies induced by insects.
Epinephrine is a medicine given during anaphylaxis (severe allergy reaction).

HerbsDaily provides a wide range of products for preventing severe allergies.