Ailment Bladder Infections

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FAQ's For Bladder Infections


Effective bladder infection remedies include:
Plenty of water
Frequent Urination
Cranberry Juice
Pain Relievers

Bladder infections are a form of UTI, but all UTIs are not bladder infections.

Most bladder infections go away within 2 days after the treatment begins.

E.Coli bacteria is the main cause of bladder infection.

There are chances of about 1-5 % of young women who can experience asymptomatic urinary infection.

A bacterial infection in the bladder is known as bladder infection. Yeast can be one of the causes of bladder infection for people with weakened immune systems. Bladder infection is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI). Bladder infections can be prevented by getting early treatment. Most bladder infections can occur anytime meaning they are acute. Certain bladder infections may recur meaning they might be chronic.

When bacteria move into the bladder through the urethra they can cause bladder infections. Bacteria is normally flushed out during urination. Bacteria can multiply quickly by attaching to the walls of the bladder. Most bladder infections are caused by E.Coli (Escherichia coli). This type of bacteria is naturally present in the large intestines.
Severity of the infection determines the symptoms of a bladder infection.These include:
Painful Urination or Burning during urination
Urine that is bloody or cloudy
Frequent Urination
Urine odor
Urgent feeling to urinate
Pressure or cramping in the lower back or lower abdomen

Women are more vulnerable to bladder infections than men. Women have shorter urethra, providing a shorter path to the bladder for the bacteria.
Prostate enlarges as men age.This causes urine flow blockage and increases the risk of developing a UTI. Other factors that increase the risk of bladder infections include:
Restricted movement or low physical activity
Poor fluid consumption
Urinary Tract surgeries
Urinary catheter
Urinary blockage
Abnormalities in the urinary tract
Bladder emptying difficulties
Urethra that is narrow
Enlarged prostate
Multiple Sclerosis
Immunodeficiency (Weak immune system)

Treatment for bladder infections are usually medications or antibiotics to relieve burning and pain. The most common medication for bladder infections is Pyridium (phenazopyridine)

Plenty of fluids can flush the bacteria from the bladder. Artificial sweeteners and caffeine should be avoided as they are bladder irritants. Cranberry juices, extracts and solutions Concentrated cranberry solutions, juices, and extracts can act as one of the remedies of baldder infections and help in prevention against UTI. Cranberry juice lowers the count of bacteria during infection but cannot provide complete bladder infection cure.

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